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Thus what do people imply when they speak about felines spraying? Perhaps you have had witnessed this scene: Your lovely kitty backs up to a vertical surface like a wall structure, window, or furniture part with its tail raised, and directs somewhat of what appears to be urine in an excellent spray on to the area. This course of action is normally supported by a strong trembling movement of the butt, at times striding with your back feet, and a look of strong attention on the face of the cat.

Cats bringing out should not be thought of as a kitty litter box crisis. This is actually a significant part of non-spoken communication between cats. Spraying helps those to create identity prints and assure other pet cats whose place is in whose. Basically cats mark their areas by means of the cats spraying a tiny bit of urine to enable them to deposit pheromones. Pheromones are a kind of element produced by animals which mainly served as a sort of chemical communication. Cats, in general, have pheromones that are veiled in several aspects of their body.

5 Easy Ways to Control Territorial Cat Spraying

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Another study showed that 77% of cats reduced or stopped spraying within six months of neutering or sterilization. Anti-anxiety medications are available from your vet that can be used to keep your cat from spraying. Discuss the use of drugs with your vet. Clomicalm and valium are drugs available only from veterinarians and are used to treat the problems of spraying in cats. Some cat owners report that their cats lose their personality and become zombies when taking anti-anxiety medications.

A confident cat likes to patrol his territory and then leave his mark along the perimeter to signal to other cats that this is his domain. However, sometimes they just spray because they have won a fight against another cat in the same colony, so spraying is a way for them to post victory. Finally, spraying may also be interpreted as a sign of offensive aggression, especially when faced with a threat or something that they identify as dangerous.

To overcome this difficult problem, you must be able to prevent conflicts, give more security to the threatened cat (s) and link the presence of cats to something of gratifying. The problem with cats is that you have to find something that offers more reward than the feeling that they are just getting hiding from the threat. Try to feed them together. If they like the attention, provide it when they share space in the same room and make it generally nice when they stay quiet together.

Dig a zone for your cat to use. Choose a quiet corner with a shelter. A pile of sand will be just as attractive, or provide a litter tray inside. Sometimes cats urinate or indulge indoors as a marking behavior when owners go on vacation and let a stranger to take care of them. Because they feel vulnerable, they mark an area that has a strong perfume of homeowners such as the comforter. The best way to avoid this is to keep the bedroom door closed.

The sterilization or sterilization of a kitten at a young age can prevent the problems of spraying in the future. Your veterinarian will advise you on the best age to sterilize your kitten. Multi-cat households generally have a much bigger problem of spraying than single-cat households. The overpopulation of cats will often lead to problems of marking the territory. Unfortunately, feline spraying and inappropriate urination problems are among the most common reasons for pet cats to be euthanized and surrendered to cat shelters.

Again, and I can not emphasize it enough, the main cause of spraying is the insecurity of your cat on its territory. Help your cat increase his confidence and sense of security. Give him tons of room, affection and attention just to breathe. Constantly reassure him that he is the most wonderful cat in the world. Play with him, mass him, speak to him, do everything to rebuild his self-esteem.

In addition to marking the territory, spraying on these less confident cats is a way to show passive or defensive aggression. They are probably intimidated by a new cat in the house, applying spraying as a last resort in the hope of getting out of a threat or avoiding direct confrontation with a new cat. In addition, spraying can help these shy cats to gather the information they need in their vicinity.

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If you notice repeated spraying, place a bedding in this area to encourage the cat to use it instead of your carpet or furniture. It will not always work, but it can often be a useful tool to help reduce the behavior and save your carpet and furniture. If you have more than one cat, you should have more than one litter. Cats are clean by nature and they do not like using a box that is constantly full or carries the smell of urine and excrement from other cats.

I was wondering if you could help us have a kitten that pee on the side of the bed and in the bed but no smell. Could you tell us what that could be. Has he been checked by the veterinarian? No, I’ll take it. If he is 5, then have him sterilized as soon as possible. I have a sterilized cat that ends up completely in the litter box and starts squatting, then it raises and spores that go next to the side.

The act of urinating on objects or areas such as a method of territory marking The act of urinating on objects or areas such as a method of territory marking Bring a new cat into a house where there is already a cat can cause problems – passive and active aggression. Cats communicate with each other in different ways. One of the main ways is through the smell. The urine and stool of each cat (stool) has a unique scent, …

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Females in season have high levels of estrogen in their urine to attract toms. The toms leave under their tails a very pungent spray, which is a combination of urine and anal gland secretions. Cats also mark their internal territory by rubbing, scraping and splitting. Most cats are sterilized and do not vaporize indoors, probably because they do not feel the need for it. Spraying indoors is a sign that the cat feels stressed and tries to feel safer by surrounding him.themselves with their own scent.

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Therefore, if a castrated cat starts spraying, there is something wrong with the cat. If your cat is castrated and you notice it spraying, find out what’s wrong with your cat. Always try to rethink when the first issue has started and what has changed in your lifestyle. Castrated cats can start to spray if they are unable to adjust new things going on at home, such as children who bring friends and play and become strong.

Spray and cat’s claw are two other ways to mark odors. This allows them to know that they have been here and that any newcomer, animal of course, can also feel that these arehas already claimed. Cat’s claw is a favorite scent marking direction for spraying for obvious reasons! Cat spraying occurs when a cat is stressed, anxious or territorial. Male and female cats that are not sterilized mark their territory as a way of calling another cat.

Providing your kittens with more places to go out can reduce the tension that comes from sharing living space. When you bring a new cat into your multi-cat home, spraying can occur as a method of establishing territorial boundaries. To reduce this possibility, confine the new cat for a while in a room with food and bedding, away from other cats in the house. A new cat needs time to adapt to the new home and the smells of other cats, without confrontation with them.

Here are several options: Cats have the natural tendency to wash all the hair that has been groomed. This is called odor marking. Cats have a favorite scent – theirs. So, even after grooming, a cat will try to lick each spot of his body. If they can not lick the areas with their tongue, they will wet their arms and paws and use it to rub against the hard-to-lick areas. Cats perfume not only after being groomed, but also after being petted.

Make your cat feel safe when you return from vacation (see below). If your cat normally uses a litter box but has recently started going elsewhere in the house, there may be an obvious reason. Cats do not like to use a tray if it is very dirty. Litter bins should be cleaned every other day and solids or lumps should be removed daily. If you have multiple cats, provide a bin for each. The use of scented litter, odors or disinfectants with strong odors can put the cat sensitive to odors using the tray.

Putting one’s mark along the perimeter was a way of telling territorial intruders: “Stop it! do not go further! To begin to solve the situation, we asked Nancy to stop putting food outside. I also made him buy a Critter Gitter which is a perimeter alarm. It detects motion in a 40 ‘perimeter and generates sound and light to scare intruders. In addition, we put litter trays and food bowls in various places around the inner perimeter.

The smell of female cat spray or mate will tell the other cat where to go. As bad as us humans feel that smell smells, cats actually think it feels good. Many times a cat will come out of anxiety or fear, for example, an unknown room, the cries of a child or even the new friend who comes to visit him. If your cat starts peeing on things, like your husband’s side, your child’s backpack, or even in the middle of the room.

Litter can be helpful. Have your cat checked by a veterinarian for a possible health condition, and start treatment for the disease if one exists. If the cat is extremely stressed, talk to your veterinarian about some medications that may help you. If you have several cats and you do not know who the culprit is, your veterinarian can give you a fluorescent dye to feed one of the cats. The urine of this cat will fluoresce when exposed to black light.