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Cat Toilet Training

Cat toilet training can really make your life a lot easier. Some people think that cleaning out a litter box is one of the major reasons to not get a cat. The idea of cleaning up the waste can be very straining.

Instead some people turn to toilet training their cat. One thing you have to remember is that you still need a litter box during the training and some cats never learn to use a toilet. If that’s the case you should consider cat litter box training instead. Here is the process in cat toilet training:

Cat Toilet Training

* Always leave the lid up and seat down on your toilet (tell the rest of the family to do the same).
* Place the cat’s litter box next to the toilet for a while.
* Raise the litter box an inch using newspaper or something else. Just make sure that the box is sturdy.
* After several days you can raise the litter box even more.
* After that you can raise it every few days until its level with the toilet seat.

While you are working on raising the box you need to measure the inside diameter of the toilet bowl. Then you head to the store and buy a metal mixing bowl of the same diameter.

Then you move the litter box directly over the toilet seat. If your cat resists, just move it half ways over the toilet seat and leave it like that for a few days then you move it completely over.

When the above step works for a while place the mixing bowl in the toilet bowl and lower the seat. Fill the bowl with 2 inches of litter. It could be good to get flushable litter in case you spill it in the toilet.

You have to be patient. It will be annoying for you and your family because you have to remove the metal bowl every time you want to use the toilet. If you have two bathrooms it will help a lot.

Try and count the number of feet your cat use on the toilet seat rather than in the metal bowl. This will give you an idea of how difficult it will be for the cat to do it without the bowl. You can sometimes help the cat in the right position to help it on the way. Be sure to offer the cat praise or a treat when it leaves the feet on the seat.

You have now reached a new level in the cat toilet training and you are almost there, still you have the worst ahead of you. You will now have to deal with the odour. This will not last forever and you have to suffer through it if you want to make it.

When the cat is using the proper posturing regularly, you can start reducing the litter in the bowl. Don’t move too fast as your cat can become stressed. You will also notice that the less litter in the bowl the greater the smell will be.

* Remember to praise your cat whenever he or she uses the toilet in the right way and empty the content of the bowl as soon as possible.

* When you have only one teaspoon left of litter, put some water in the bottom of the bowl after you have removed it.

* Keep increasing the water every time you rinse the bowl.

* If your cat is getting stressed, move back a few steps in my cat toilet training guide.

When you cat is comfortable with the two or so inches in the bowl, remove the mixing bowl completely. Throw the bowl away and your cat is now toilet trained!